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Providing lighting services for parking lots, offices buildings, business parks, restaurants, shopping centers, community centers, streets, school and universities and more…

We also provide: interior repair or group relamping for office warehouses; bucket-T sign repair and relamping; LED retrofit kits and replacement; ignitor, ballast,and capacitor replacement; flag and banner installation, as well as pole painting, repair and replacement. For more detail see other services. Service contracts are also available. Based in McHenry, Illinois, we service the Chicagoland area.

Give us a call at (855) 285-2626.

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For Retail and Restaurants, Parking Lots, Offices and Industrial Complexes, Municipalities, Homeowner’s Associations, Street Lights and more…


Having a well-lit parking lot is essential to the safety of your clients, as well as to the visibility and successful image of your business.

Other Services

Services provided for the total upkeep of your light poles, including: installation, replacement, reinforcement  and painting. 

Service Contracts

Service Contracts can be established that will keep your property lit year round.


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