Pricing *

The following list is general guide, and covers the most typical equipment.  High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide up to 400w.

  • R&R HID bulb $135.00 parts and labor

  • R&R ballast  $235 parts and Labor
  • R&R photocell $125.00 parts and labor

  • Hourly charge for Time and Maintenance and misc jobs $85/ technician hour( 3 hour minimum and does not include lift truck Mobilization fee of $1/mile each way)

  • Pole Painting Clean starting at $5/foot;  Rusty starting at $9/foot

  • Free efficiency evaluation

    *Above pricing is typical for 2014, please call for most up to date pricing.

Providing lighting services for:

  • retail
  • restaurants
  • parking lots
  • offices
  • industrial complexes
  • municipalities
  • Homeowner's associations
  • street lights
  • athletic fields including football, baseball
  • tennis courts
  • driving ranges
  • scoreboards
  • marinas
  • racetracks
  • stadiums
  • and more...


Address: McHenry, Illinois
Phone:(855) 285-2626
Business Hours: 24/7